Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Transformer and the Mermaid

This year Halloween was so different then the previous four years. For starters Jakob really was into it. He started getting excited at the beginning of September when they started putting the Halloween decorations up at Target. Its his favorite part of going to Target to see the new Holiday asles. He uses it as a bridge to the next holiday.
So early on in Septemember he had his Costume picked out. He was going to be a Transformer.
I cant tell you how excited I was this year to see how much Jakob was really into Halloween and to see his interest in it. Last year was a whole different story, I dont want to go through the emotion again so click
here to see just what I mean.
Katharine was a Mermaid this year. And the cutest Mermaid there could have been.
Jakob got to go trick or treating at school on Thursday and I was so happy he put on his costume without complaint and was so excited.
He came home exhausted with bags of candy.
Friday night we waited till D got home and we headed out. We only went down one street because it was a little tiring and they had plenty of candy.
All in all it was a great night. I am not big on candy and rarely keep it in the house so I have it hidden for special occations and to use as bribes :D. Luckily the kids have pretty much forgotten about it.
Here is my little Optamus Prime and Mermaid:


Kim H. said...

I'm glad to hear that this year was a success! They both looked SUPER cute!

Double the blessing said...

They look so cute. I can not believe they were so into it.