Monday, December 10, 2007

Catching up

Sometimes I get into these ruts that I have to pull myself out of. Its when life becomes routine and it losses its joy for a split second. But then I get a little pick me upper and things get better. This usually only happens once a year. This year it happened twice.. once while selling and purchasing a house all in a 3 week span and the second time was the last couple weeks. But today is a new day and I am feeling refreshed and ready to step back into my life.

This past weekend we went to Austin to visit with Dustins cousin Christopher and his wife Deanna and their son William.
Jakob and William play so well together it was so great to see. Even though they are a year and a half apart it seems not to bother them. They just run and play and do things that boys do.
We also went and visited Old St. Nick at the mall.

The wait in line wasnt bad at all and it went real quick I thought. That was until we got about 5 people away from Santa and Jakob decided he had to go pee RIGHT NOW!! So we hauled butt to Dillards(was right behind us) And asked the first person we saw that looked like they knew what they were doing, She directed us to the bathroom.. actually she said its in the back and pointed behind her. But luckily my skills of Mall department stores came to good use and we found it. We quickly in warp speed peed and I literally drug Jakob back to the line. And we had made it in perfect time. Oh and I was also Carrying Kate with me this whole time.. It was a great work out.

We got to see santa and as soon as the boy in front of us jumps off of Santas knee Jakob ran up to him and jumped right on. Sorry Santa no break between kids for you.

He was so excited. I put Kate on Santas lap and she just kinda stared at him for a bit, Then after realizing that this was not her mommy..she began to wail!!!

I love the picture though because it is priceless. So here it is for all to see.. My sweet boy who loves Santa, and my baby girl who Wants the heck out of there.. The Irony of it all is... Kate is wearing a shirt that says "I heart Santa" lol


Kevin & Jennifer said...

poor, poor Kate! I do love the pic though!

Kevin & Jennifer said...
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Kim said...

Welcome back to blogland to you too!! The picture is really cute, and I know Jakob and Kate will get a laugh out of that when they get older.