Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Review

The Schoen family had an amazing Christmas. Filled with so much Joy and family. It couldnt have been a better holiday.
The Saturday before Christmas we celebrated with Dustins family(my adopted family, since no one lives in Texas from my family) Everyone met at our house and we had turkey and the fixins. The guys then proceeded to pass out on the floor while everyone else opened presents.
This was the first year that Jakob really got it. He was so excited and for the past month has been waking up in the mornings asking if it was Christmas yet. Here is what our Christmas tree looked like with every ones presents under it.
I dont have any pictures of anyone actually opening these presents because it was total chaos. But tons of fun!! Jakob got the most gorgeous stuff. He got a baseball lamp from Meme, a Mitt clock with his name on it from meme, a wood carving of his name with a baseball on it from meme and the piece De resistance(in french accent) A quilt that meme made. It is baseball squares but, there are also squares with pictures of him doing various baseball themed things or with his family. Now I am not an emotional person, but I must admit when I saw this I did get teary eyed. It is just so beautiful and well done. And something we can keep forever. Its amazing. I dont have any pics of that either but I will tomorrow I promise. Its to awesome not to share with the blogging world.
Katharine got lots of goodies as well. Baby dolls, play food and play pots and pans to go with her kitchen. Lots of puzzles and ect.
It was a terrific day as it always is when you get to spend it with people you love.
Saturday night we just hung out. Meme and Papaw spent the night so we just chatted the night with them. We skipped church on Sunday to hang with meme and papaw.
Monday was Christmas eve and we just spent some family time at home. This was the first time Dustin has ever had Christmas eve off so we didnt waste a minute. We then got the kiddos all dressed for Christmas eve service at church.
Church was great. It was mostly music and the telling of the birth of Jesus. It was packed with people. You think that there are about 5k members spread between 3 services on any given Sunday. Take that number and put them into one service. Now I dont think there were that many people but there were atleast a couple thousand. And we left about 2/3 of the way through because Dustin couldnt handle any more of the annoying kid behind him kicking the pew and his moms cell phone ringing. And a wiggle worm 3 year old son who wouldnt stop talking. But it was time.
So after dropping Ashley back home we went back to the house and ate dinner and opened our one Christmas eve gift.
It was Christmas Jammies, I am sure they will catch on sometime in the near future that every Christmas eve their one gift to open is Jammies, but for now its so fun!!

After a quick bath we went into the front yard to sprinkle reindeer food (oatmeal) and then came in to check where Santa was on Norad. He was in Chili, So close so we set cookies and milk out and it was off to bed.
Jakob was so excited. It is so much fun when they are this age and get what the fuss is all about. He could barely stand it he was so excited.
Christmas morning Dustin and I woke up and fixed coffee and got the video camera ready. Jakob came down asking if Santa had come.. To his amazement when he came at the end of the stairs there were toys under the tree.
Katharine wasnt too into it, as expected. She is only 15 months. Next year wont be that different from this one but the year after next.. WOOHOO.
We had an awesome Christmas morning. I got new slippers and a bathrobe, and the Daughtry cd and Brandon Heath cd. Dustin got a new coffee maker for us as well. I could go through all the kids gifts...but it doesnt really matter, what matters is that we are super blessed and that we thank God for the ability to provide for our family and give them more than they need.
So I will leave you with the remaining pictures from Christmas day and then some misc pics that I just love. I hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas and that you remember that its not about the tree or the presents.. Its about Gods greatest gift, Jesus Christ and his birthday!


Kevin & Jennifer said...

What a holiday you had. I love the kids pajamas! I can't wait til the girls are three and really get it!

Kim said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Isn't it great to see Christmas through the eyes of a kid? You really get brought back to all the magic and joy!