Thursday, December 13, 2007

A night in Bethlehem..

I feel when it is time for me to post that I post the same thing over and over. I need to find a more orginal way to write the same thing. Do you know what I mean?
For Instance, the past few days have been super busy. But you know this already because I always post about how busy my days are... I wish I could spice it up though. Oh well, You must find something intersting if you still read this ;)

So Let me see.. This week has been so busy,(well it has) I cant even keep up with the days of the week. I think tonight is Thursday. So anyway, Tuesday Jakob had school as usual but after school Jenn came by to hang out with him and Kate while I made a run to Staci s to visit the twins and to go shopping. I ended up picking up an extra passenger. Ashley wanted to go shopping with me, She had gift cards from her birthday and they were burning a hole in her pocket. So we went to my favorite store: Target. And shopped to our hearts desire. Or atleast till I ran out of Money ;) I got gifts for my Niece Jordan and for both my kids. I still have lots of shopping left though. I have yet to purchase anything for the twins and Ashley, and then there is Dustins cousin Micah. What are 9 year old boys into these days?

We then came home relieved Jenn from her very gracious day of babysitting and when Dustin came home I returned Ashley to her rightful owners.

Wednesday I watched Kiera while her mom braved the bad weather and horrible traffic to get an MRI. Something else was done yesterday but I just cant remember.. old age really does effect memory.
On Thursday(thats today right?) Jakob had his Christmas party at school. The family was invited so we went. It was great fun and Jakob clung to my leg the whole time. As if to claim me as his property. Santa came and visited the class but Jakob had no interest and didnt want to sit on his lap.. or go near him. He knew that it couldnt possibly be Santa, because Santa is at the Mall and he has a big soft green chair he sits in.

After the Holiday party we came home . Later on today Jenn brought Kiera by to hang out and play while she tutored. I love when Kiera comes over to play because her and Kate just have a blast.

After D got home Jakob, Kiera and I headed out the door. I dropped Kiera off to her mom and Jakob and I took a trip to Bethlehem. I know what you are thinking, Finally she explains the title.

Our Church had the town of Bethlehem shops set up. The children were able to make wooden flutes, masiac boxes, Perfume and coins just like they did in the town where Jesus was born 2000 + years ago. And though Jakob did not quite get the concept. He had great fun.

I think I love our new church. I love that we have the resources to put these kind of things on for the children. Because to me, that is what is important in a church. And it is our future.

That is all the ramblings I have for today. I do want to leave you with this picture. I am proud of my beautiful twin neice and Nephew but I am really showing off the onsies that I made for them.. You can Ohh and aww over my creativity now :D


Kevin & Jennifer said...

Your onesies are adorable! You are so creative. I know you say you aren't, but you are! Thanks for watching Kiera so much this week! It really helped me out A LOT!!!!

Kim said...

Sounds like you are getting things done slowly but surely... I don't think your life is boring (or your postings... not sure which you were refering to) it's just the day to day stuff of a Mom - and there really is good stuff in there!! Keep up the posting, and you'll look back and find all sorts of pearls of family fun in a few months!