Saturday, December 15, 2007


Staci, Ashley and the twins just left and I was proudly proclaiming that I was done with all my Christmas shopping and we still have 10 days till Christmas. In the past I would get most of my shopping done 2 or 3 days before the big day.
I excitedly brought her to my gift closet and showed her all that I had purchased for the kiddos. And I suddenly thought, Had I got enough? Do they need more? We finally have the means to give the kids a great Christmas(not like Kit Kat will remember) and I cant help but feeling that they deserve more?
I know that Christmas is not about the gifts so much as the thought and the celebration of Christs birth. But It was always a super big deal at my house growing up and I want to share that with my kids. But seriously what can you give kids that really do have it all? Maybe I am over reacting. Yeah I am sure of it. I just want to give them so much. I may have to make some last minute trips to Target and Walmart after all.

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Kim said...

I totally understand - I want to give the kiddos in my life too. It's hard to balance my love of giving and seeing their faces with my budget. Being an adult stinks sometimes!!