Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everything pics

Jakob opening his presents!!!

More Thomas movies!!
The Thomas cakeNot happy about interrupting play time with Cake time. but if I have to.
My Big 4 year old boy!!
The second to last game(his actual last game)
Jakob and his new best friend Kaiser
*Love *
What a cute pup. Just a few more days and he will be home sweet home!!
Sweet girl.
Kate eating Jello for the first time...

Kate showing off her Harmonica skillz...


Kim H. said...

How fun, and if I would have only waited one more post - I wouldn't have asked for puppy pics!

Katja said...

I can't believe it!!! Jakob and Eric were born to be buds! They both love Thomas the Train!!! Eric CONSTANTLY is saying "choo choo moma" all....day....long ! and Kate looks so grown up in the 'Sweet Girl' pic. Just gorgeous!