Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday was a great day. Jakob had VBS and though he fought me tooth and nail while dropping him off( So much so that everyone was running to the back of the church to make sure everything was ok) He enjoyed himself and today was a much easier transition. So after I dropped Jakob off yesterday Katharine and I came home and cleaned the house. Boy oh boy did it need it. It still is a filthy mess but atleast the floor is vacuumed and picked up.
After I picked up Jakob from VBS we all came home and the kiddos had nap time.
At 1:30 our babysitter came and I escaped. I met Jenn at an assisted living home to volunteer.
The poor girl that was in charge of activities was pulling a double duty also shuttling people to the doctor since the driver was out. So we sat around in the Lobby for about an hour and a half. Just observing and talking to the ladies. It was kinda of surreal because they were all in a circle in the lobby some in wheelchairs or on scooters and some sitting in chairs. About half of them were dozed off and the other half had no idea what was going on. No one was talking and you could tell that they were very aware that we were there and that they didnt know us.
One lady particular was the watch lady and she was very wary of us. She kept asking the ladies quietly who we were and even came up to us to see who the heck we were.
Finally the Activities directer came and showed us what was needed and then she was off again.
We filed, Massaged and painted about 5 ladies nails. It was so fantastic to sit and talk to them.
I dont think all of them are as sharp as they used to be obviously they were having some awkward conversations but I know that it made them happy for us to be there. I cant wait to go back and see them again!!!

All is moving along quickly in getting our puppy Kaiser. I believe we will have him by the end of the week.
We got to visit with him shortly last night and when he went back to his pack Jakob had a really rough time. He was having so much fun with the puppy.
Katharine on the other hand is still not to into the puppy. She is scared of them for some reason. When ever he gets close she drops to her knees and crouches down in fear. This makes the puppy think she is playing so he proceeds to lick her. She does not find this enjoyable.
But I know it will just take time and she will love him just as much as he loves her!!
I can already tell he has a preference for me. He was following me everywhere and when he got tired of chasing Jakob around the yard he came and plopped down in my lap! So sweet!!

Well I guess thats it.
Till next time(hopefully tomorrow ;) )


Kim H. said...

How cute - I can't wait to see pics of the puppy.

The time at the assisted living place sounds so great - I'm sure they were thrilled to have some company, and I can't think of two better people for them to have hanging out with them!

Double the blessing said...

That is so sweet of you to go and spend time with them.