Monday, June 16, 2008


I dont even know how long it has been since I last blogged but I know that it was most likely a MONTH ago. I am so sorry for keeping you guys in waiting. I am sure you were anticipating lots of pictures of Jakobs birthday and The Dauphines farewell to Canada.
Or maybe you didnt even notice my absence. Either way I am going to try to keep on my blog. If not just let everyone know that we are all well and alive.

So I will try to remember the major stuff and I apologize if I leave something out.
Memorial weekend we had my grandparents in from Wisconsin.
They had an eventful trip down after being crushed between 2 semi trucks in Illinois. There was no injuries except for a badly wounded Trailblazer.
They were able to get it into a shop and into a rental and back on the road. It didnt delay them much at all. Talk about Devoted.
They arrived safe and sound and as always it was great to see them. I cant wait till they start vacationing in Texas for the winter..yay.
Saturday the 24th was Jakobs birthday party and it was a huge success as always. We had about 25 family members and close friends over. We had hot dogs and snacks. Jakob had a blast. I made the mistake of letting him open his presents before we did his cake. He wanted nothing to do with his cake because it was interrupting his play with all of his new stuff. So I didnt get many pictures at all. I do have a couple pictures and I ll post them in the above post.
Sunday we skipped church to hang out. I think we went to the outlet mall that day and my grandmother tried to buy me everything under the sun. Thanks GG but I was just thankful you were there.
Monday Dustin was off YAY and my grandparents were off tooo...Off to head back home to Wisconsin. :(
The following week is a blurr. I dont remember much.
The Dauphines were leaving the next Monday so we spent as much time with them as possible.
Friday night we had planned to see Sex and the City.
When it was on HBO we used to all meet up at Deannas house and watch it or watch it from our homes and discuss it later that night. It was a big deal for Deanna, Staci and I it was our thing.
So when had said we were going to see it.
Well since Deanna lives in Austin we didnt think she would make it so it was just Staci, Michelle and I .
Or atleast thats what Staci thought ;)
Earlier in the week I had persuaded Deanna to come down and surprise Staci. Chris, Deanna and William came in Friday evening and Deanna and I went to the movie theater to get seats by 7:30.
At 8 Staci and Michelle showed up. I had saved seats for them so Staci and Michelle sat on either side of me.
Just as Staci was about to tell me about the rude lady next to her who was taking up all the arm rest, Deanna turned around. Stacis face was priceless. She was so surprised and so happy to see Deanna. YAY
Afterwards Deanna and I went to a wine bar and proceeded to Drink a whole bottle of wine in an hour and we took a stroll down memory lane . It was so great. I MISS YOU D!!

Sunday we spent some time with the Dauphines and said our goodbyes. It was so hard and I had it all together until Kate said " Aunt staci crying" And then I lost it.
It was especially tough on Dustin and Aaron. They are brothers you know. Man it breaks my heart just reliving it now. So moving right along.
Monday they left for Canada.
During all this time Staci had dropped her kitties at my house and expected them to stay and eat and be merry. But they had other plans. Sunday we plastered Lost kitty signs all over my neighborhood.
Wednesday or Thursday of the Following week Staci got a call from a lady 2 streets over saying a large, fluffy orange cat ran into their house. So the kids and I went over and sure enough it was KIKI!!
So we have Kiki here till his family can get him. Sabine on the other hand has not been found. But I am sure she is being loved on by a nice family as we speak.

So what else has there been?? I am not sure like I said its all a blur.
I am preparing myself and the family for our newest addition to the family.

No I am not pregnant again..
The next couple weeks we will be getting a German Shepherd Puppy. I have read every book under the sun on German Shepherds and am so excited for our puppy to finally come home.
I already picked him out of the litter so now we are just waiting for him to get his first shots and to be 100% weaned and we can bring him home!! I have pictures of him and Jakob I ll put in the above post.
Jakobs T-ball season ended the 7th. He was sick that day so he missed his last game and his team party but there will be many more. He did get a cool trophy and he is so proud of it!!
Jakob started Vacation Bible school today and will be going for the next 2 weeks. Its going to be a great break for me.

Kate has had a crazy language explosion and is speaking in fragmented sentences. She amazes me every day. She is still a girl and quite dramatic.
Both kids are fighting off a cold so they have been a little off in the attitude department lately but I know it will pass.

Dustin is doing great he is playing for the church twice this month. And he loves it. They worship team is so encouraging and he comes home from practices beaming because they have built him up so much. Which is great for him. I always tell him what a gift he has but i think it means more coming from other musicians.

Me, I am great. Same ole same ole. Trying to keep my house clean. Going to bible study and helping out in our new Ministry Cypress Calling.
God is doing amazing things with this ministry and I am so blessed to be a part of the board.
Tomorrow we are going to an assisted living home and Painting the ladies nails and doing a craft for them.
All they need is someone to visit with and chat with. I am so excited for this.
I think the elderly is my soft spot. Having grown up with my great grandmother and my Great Great grandmother in my house and watching my Grandmother help and tend to them. I guess they have a special place in my heart.
So I am excited about Painting old ladies nails!!!

Well I think thats it. Perfect timing because both the kiddos are up from their nap. Time to go to the Library!!


Double the blessing said...

Tasha it sounds like you have a fun filled summer. I love that you guys are going to the retirement home. I love volunteering. I wish I could do it every day.
love you

Kim H. said...

Whew! Sounds like a busy life right now, but I'm glad that you took the time to share it all with us!!