Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our newest addition...

Name: Kaiser Von Schoen
Age: 9 weeks
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Colors: Tan and Sable
Weight: 13lbs

As many of you may of heard, Either from my constant talking about it or my posting about it on the blog but we have a new addition to our family!!
His name is Kaiser and he is a sweet, loving, Relaxed, beautiful puppy.
He came home to us on Monday and immediately remembered me as his new friend. He followed me around the whole house most of the day.
Jakob absolutely loves him and doesnt want to do anything without him.
Katharine is still a little unsure and only comes around him when he is sleeping on the floor.
Dustin is excited as well.
Kaiser is super smart. I have taught him to sit and stay already and he does this on command without treats.
We have practice sessions every day about 5 times a day for 5 mins.

He hangs out in the kitchen most of the time that we are here. Thats where we spend most of our time anyway. But when he is not in the kitchen he is at my side sleeping.

Just like a new baby he sleeps most of the day.
I think I tried to do to much with him the first couple days and he was not feeling well. I forgot that he is only 9 weeks old.
As far as house training we are doing fabulous.
He has only had 2 accidents and both of them were my fault because he was giving me all the signs but I couldnt get him out in time. Once again he is just a baby.

At night he does great. He goes in his crate and I take him out once during the night.
Last night he went from 10:30- 3:30 and I took him out he went potty, we came back in and he went to his crate and went to sleep till 6:30.

When we leave the house, Kaiser goes in his crate(enticed by treats of coarse) and we stayed out for 2 hours yesterday. He did fantastic!!
He loves his white fluffy bear thing that has no face. I can tell that it wont last long ;)

And without further ado.... Presenting: Kaiser


Double the blessing said...

your dog i ssooooooo fricken cute!!!
this is ashley schoen!!!!!!!!

Kim H. said...

So sweet... I'm glad that you guys are enjoying it. You know - we crate trained our Boston Terrier, and now all I have to say is "get in your house" and she runs right in. Also whenever there is a rain storm or I'm not home - so tends to stay in there (with the door open) because she feels the safest in there.

Jenn & Kevin said...

He is sooooo adorable. Those ears crack me up! YOu will have tons of fun scrapping him!

Katja said...

OMG!! Isn't he adorable! I am suprised he can even stand up with those ginormous ears! Such a cutie. Can't wait to meet him..and of course, put me on your puppy sitter list if needed!