Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Ear full

I remember when Jakob was a little baby and I would look into his crystal blue eye full of wonder and question and think to myself " I wonder what that little mind of his is thinking" and "I cant wait till he can tell me whats on his mind"

Now granted Jakob was a late at entering the world of talking. He was the ripe old age of 3 before he really started to make sense. But he hasnt stopped since. Every waking moment is a question or a statement or a sound.
I am blessed that my child is a forward thinker and love that he has an inquisitive mind. But add to it a very advanced in language 2 year old little girl and thats where it gets fuzzy.

Katharine has been talking for about 6 months now. When I say talking I mean full sentences and 23 hours a day. She has taken a page out of her older brothers book and has began asking questions all day long.

Dont get me wrong, like I said I am glad my children are inquisitive but these questions are just down right annoying. Here is an example of a few:

"Mommy, Are you eating bread?" Jakob says smiling .

Mommy replies, "Jakob, can you see the bread in my hand?"

"Yes" He answers

"So why would you ask me if I was eating it if you can see me eating it" Mommy quips annoyed.

"Mommy, are we in the car?"

"YES JAKOB, you know we are in the car"

And so on and so on. And Katharine has taken his lead and does the same thing.

Question question question.
Give me some relevance.. Ask questions that you can actually learn things from. "why is the sky blue"

"where do babies come from" That sort of thing, dont ask me the obvious.

Along with them testing their questioning skills, our very vocal 2 year old also has taken up tantrum throwing.

This isnt a newly acquired skill she has been throwing tantrums since she was in the womb I think but usually they were for things that actually warranted tantrums(yes such things do exists)

Lately though she has been throwing a tantrum anytime she doesnt get her way or I tell her no.

I think its quite humerus and tend to ignore her. It usually works. About 2 minutes later she is up and on to the next thing with no worry in the world.
Last night it was bad timing though. As soon as D walked in from a hard day at work Kit Kat was screaming her head off. Not something you wanted to hear when you first walk in the door. So dinner was a bit stressful last night.
I know that this phase will pass and I ll be looking back years from now yearning for this time to come again. But is it wrong of me to want a little peace in quiet sometime?

Jakob got a pair of ear plugs at the air show.. I think I ll put them to good use and wear them around the house :D


Kim H. said...

I do not look forward to the "Why" stage... wow... I can see how after a while it would get a little bit annoying. :-) Maybe you need a Mommy day...

Double the blessing said...

Oh girl you know where they get that question,question, question from? ME!!!!!!
Oh and about those air show pics.

Katja Stahr-Long said...

Ohhhh boyyy can I relate! Got some of those earplugs too ;)