Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dog Gone Fun

Monday we made the trip to our nearest dog park. Or Bark Park as they are called here. This is all new to us the dog culture so we were excited to check it out.
We packed up the essentials.. I had done my research so I knew there was a Pond for the dogs there and they also had doggie showers so we brought a towel and doggie shampoo and brush.
We were so prepared. We even thought to bring the camera!!!
We packed the kids, the 40lb Kaiser and the adults into the Camry. And headed out across town. I am not sure what we are going to do once Kaiser is full grown. I might have to start riding in the back and let Kaiser ride shotgun when the whole family goes out.
But we made it work.. Kaiser riding in my lap like a toy poodle the whole way.
25 minutes later we had made it.
WOW.. it was fantastic.
The Bark park was very well layed out and had tons of great things to do.
As soon as we got out of the car we ran into 2 German shepherds. One who was 4 months old and one who was 2. They were beautiful!! And Kaiser was excited to see someone who looked like him!!

As we entered the double gates you could feel the excitement coming from Kaiser. We took him in and I kept him on his leash for a little while just to see how he would react to so many dogs. He was fantastic so I let him loose.

Now, I expected to be running all over the place trying to keep up with him. In fact it was the opposite. Kaiser is such a Velcro dog. I took his leash off and dogs started coming up to smell him and he was trying to literally jump into my arms because he was frightened.
He had never been around such a wide variety of dog or in a group of more than his 9 litter mates.

It took him about an hour to finally get into the groove and start playing with the other dogs.
We took him on the little agility course they had and he did fantastic like he had been doing it for years.. and tried to get him to go into the Bone shaped pool but he was not interested.
I was told by another Shepherd owner that it would be closer to a year before he just jumped in a pool. Good to know.
Kaiser did find the mud puddles and was quite fond of them in fact. I was covered from head to toe in mud.. but it was so worth it. We got to talk to lots of dog owners, check out all the other shepherds(there were TONS!) and just admire nature. We decided that we were going to make this a weekly affair!! Yay. It is so good for Kaiser to get socialized with people and with dogs. I want him to be well rounded!!
Now as you might remember I said that we took the camera? Well in true Dustin fashion, he did remember to bring the camera.. but he forgot it in the car..lol. So we did not get any pictures of Kaisers first Bark park experience but you better believe we will get pics of it next time.. But here is a current Kaiser pics to hold you over.. He is such a good boy!! I love him..

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Kim H. said...

How cute!! That sounds like doggie disney land!