Monday, September 22, 2008

Ike....and we aint talking Turner..

First things first.. we are alive and well and thanking God for no damage to our house or our loved ones.
Ike the hurricane came through on Saturday morning with a fierceness. He made his presence known to all.
Friday night we enjoyed the "nice" weather at our new friends house. They live 4 houses down and we like to hang out in the driveway usually on the weekends.

Around 10pm the winds started picking up so Dustin and I made our way back home. We then passed smooth out on the couch watching the coverage and waiting for landfall!
"how could we fall asleep" you ask..well dont worry I only slept for about an hour because at 11:30pm the wind was howling and to be quite honest I was horrified.
Around 1am we got a call from Michelle(my sis in law) with important info, The storm was about to make landfall and the worst of it is soon to come. So we woke the kids up and brought them downstairs and laid out the futon mattress and had a little sleepover.
Kate and Jakob didnt get the memo about the sleep over and how it worked.. so they stayed up and ran around and laughed while Dustin and I squawked at them to "settle down" and "Get to sleep"
Finally at 3:30 we got them to sleep. Thats also when the electricity went out..
At 6 I woke up to some CRAZY wind sounds. I looked outside and could see nothing but sideways rain and trees.
It finally settled down around 11am or so. We got power around that time too.. Little did we know how much we should be praising God for that. Some people as I type this.. 700,000 to be exact are currently WITHOUT power.. Including our church and a few friends of ours.. :(

After things calmed down we did exactly what they told us not to do.. we drove around :D
Checked out the neighborhood and it looked pretty good.. Along the main road all the fences were down as were the trees uprooted. Lots of the houses in our neighborhood lost shingles.. we did not.. Praise God!

We also had Katharines birthday party Saturday morning, before the electricity came on. Since we had to cancel her party I thought it was only fair for her to open her presents that we got her on the day that her party was.. No Hurricane is going to ruin my babys birthday.. So here are some pics of the birthday "party" and a few of Before Ike!
Disclaimer: Kate was sick the whole weekend so that is why she has snot running down her face and is in jammies.. Please ignore.. :D also remember we dont have electricity at this time.. And all of Kates gifts from us are in walmart bags.. I cant wait to scrap these lol.
This was actually taken on her birthday I find it cute but a little disturbing..

Princess shoes!
Little mermaid!!

"you want me to do what?" watching dads lesson in blowing out candles.

"I did it"

Yum cupcake
Even Jakob got a present.. Thanks aunt Staci and Uncle Aaron!!
Aunt Staci made this pop up card!! She is so talented!!
At sunset Friday night, who would have thought such beauty would be the beginning of such destruction!
About 7am from the playroom.. notice how high the lake is... :-0

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Kim H. said...

Only you would be out videoing during a hurricane. ;-) I guess you're a budding channel 13 reporter, right?