Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Full of Fun..

What a fabulous weekend we just finished up. Full of excitement and danger and great family fun.
Now you are probably asking yourself "DANGER?? what kind of dangerous thing has she been doing? " Well nothing actually..but Mother Nature likes to play tricks on us and thus she had another laugh with all of Houston this past weekend. Most of my readers know that we had Hurricane Gustov knocking at our doors this weekend but he decided to bother someone else instead. Good for Houston, bad for Louisiana. We haven't even seen a drop of rain from this "Catastrophic" Hurricane. The stores were sold out of water (I must admit we got a couple cases) And all things canned. But that is ok..we will be prepared for the next major storm I suppose.
On to the Family fun part. Dustin had the entire weekend off..not only that he got off early on Friday. So we had lots and lots of time with daddy. And I tell you we needed it. I cant remember the last time we hung out and did things as a complete family, the whole package. Usually we are out of town on weekends that Dustin has off or he works. So Saturday we ran around here and there nothing major just ran some errands. Saturday afternoon we braved the mall. Dustin's idea not mine.. It was fantastic.. it was packed but we had the smartest idea to rent one of those two seater car strollers...and it helped out so much.. no 4 year old running to pull back and forth. They both sat nicely and "drove" us around. We got a few items that were needed and visited stores I love to go into such as The pet store, The Disney store(I STILL LOOOOVE this store) and so on. We saw a few people that we know and let the kiddos play in the padded area. All in all the mall trip was by far the best we have had since we have had kids. I just want to give Dustin a big thank you for making it out to the Mall. Usually when you mention the mall and especially on a weekend he crawls up into the fetal position at the thought of all the people and wrangling the kids. Good Job D!! I am proud of you ;)

Sunday was church as usual. Dustin was playing and it was the first time I have taken the kids by myself since we moved the service up a half hour and since the kids have been moved up in class. Jakob is now in another building all together. Talk about exercise.. I need it though so no complaints.
After church I think we just hung out.. took a walk and watched the weather channel(the most watched channel of the weekend)
Monday we had already planned to make the trip to the dog park. I was super excited about this adventure because I have read so many wonderful things about our dog park. So we packed everyone and thing up and headed out. It took about 25 minutes to get there.. Its right down the street from our old house, go figure.
I am going to post about the Dog park in another post.. so stay tuned..

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Kim H. said...

Wow - sounds like a good trip to the mall - I love those!!