Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Seeing Eye to Eye

I have promised myself and some girlfriends of mine that I would take better care of myself.
This includes going to the dentist to fix the rotting wisdom teeth(Gross I know.. I am embarrassed dont worry) And also my eyes.
I have been having horrible headaches here lately I figured it was time to get my eyes checked.

The last time I graced the presence of an Optometrist was 7 years ago. We ended up paying 700 dollars out of pocket for glasses for Dustin and myself.. so this may have been a deterrent who knows. But we have great eye insurance now so I decided to use it. Since Dustin just got contacts and loves them..I was set on going in and getting my eyes examined and having a prescription for my new contacts. How exciting!!
Well turns out its not that easy for me. :(
I went in to explain my vision issues and went through all the test.. you know the ones...
They put that great View master over your eyes and proceed to change the lenses asking,
"Better or worse.. ok better or worse"

Turns out..they were all worse for me.
I have a condition(i cant remember the name of it) but the best we to describe it is thinking like a Camera focus.

If you have a camera that has auto focus then it does the focusing for you..but my Auto focus on my eyes is broken so it is constantly zooming in and out to try to focus. This is making my eye muscles very tense and tired. So that is why I get headaches.
The Fix..

GLASSES. Bifocals actually. They have to strengthen that muscle before they can even figure out what my Vision is. Because everything I see is blurry due to my eyes not being able to focus. So the prescription is wear glasses for 6-12 months to strengthen and train that muscle and then we will see about contacts..
Well I really wasnt at all shocked by this because turns out I have had this problem since I was around 12 years old. Thats when I got my first pair of Progressive lenses. I didnt wear them then or do my eye exercises so over the years it has gotten way worse.
My fault no doubt. But I am older and wiser now and dont really care what I look like or impressing people so I promise I am going to wear my glasses. Scouts honor!

Next appointment.. Dentist.. Not looking forward to that..


Kim H. said...

I thought they made bifocal contacts now? I'm glad you're taking better care of yourself too!! The kiddos need a healthy mommy!

Double the blessing said...

Kim's right your family needs you. Maintaining your body now will help in the long run.

Katja Stahr-Long said...

I'm so proud of you for taking the step I know you were so hesitant to do. May God bless you with anything you find a need for during this journey of improved health.

Double the blessing said...

More pictures please, hehe