Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Facts about Katharine.

Born: September 10th 2006
at 10:53 pm.

Her original due date was October 6th(mommys birthday!)

Katharine was 7lbs 6oz and 19 inches long

Her name is a family name.
Katherine was my Great gramma (Nana) who adored me and I felt the same for her. She passed when I was 10.

The spelling is different because while I was pregnant we watched Katharine Mcphee on American Idol and we liked the way it was spelled. Plus no way could we spell it the same as everyone else. I mean, We want to make sure that she can never get one of those key chains or pens or cups with her name on it. ;)

Her middle name, Marie is my middle name. I am not sure where it came from but I love it.

Katharine has several nicknames.. the most popular are: Sister(jakob calls her this) Big girl(again Jakob) Baby Kate(herself) Kit Kat(What I call her) Kate( most everyone calls her this)
I dont mind the nicknames..but the first time someone calls her Kathy I will correct them swiftly!

Katharine began walking at 13 months.

She slept through the night at 15 months.

Katharine was born bald as bald can be. And though now she still does not have flowing hair it is starting to come in nicely and the baby mullet that she sported for a year has finally disappeared.

Katharine was a very needy infant.
We found out when she was 5 months old that she was allergic to Dairy by trial and error. This may have been the reason for her reflux but who knows.

Katharine at 2 years old is an independent, headstrong and opinionated little girl.

She loves princesses but has a special fondness to Ariel, the little mermaid.

Katharine also loves to play with her brother. She loves to play trains and cars. And it could be because her buba is playing or because she doesnt have any toys..

She has a very good vocabulary and I cant remember a time that she wasnt talking. I believe she started speaking sentences around 18 months if not sooner. She has not since stopped!!

Katharines Favorite foods:
Pretzel Goldfish
Baked Beans
rice of all kinds

Least favorite foods:
Meat of any kind
The girl is an eater. She will try anything once and loves to eat whatever mommy or daddy is eating. Including Jalapeno sausage... She loves it!

Special Talents:
Front rolls
stealing my heart with one glance!!

Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful baby girl.. Mommy loves you!!


Katja Stahr-Long said...

Happy Birthday Katharine!!! We hope to see you on Saturday. Pray Ike moves far away. The dress from Fletman's (I was one of those 'not in the know' people) is absolutely gorgeous. I would hate to know what it cost!

Double the blessing said...

Awww big girl big girl big girl. We love you!!!

Jenn & Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Katharine! I love the dress with the sunglasses! She has great taste! I hope the party is a go!

Kim H. said...

I'm a couple days late - but Happy Belated Birthday Kate! She's cute as can be!